Method Cleaning Products: Are they really non-toxic?


I am no longer recommending these products based on the plastic packaging and some new concerns with ingredients.

I remember seeing Method products when I was living in the States, I always thought that they were just fancy products and never realized that they were “cleaner” products. I am often asked for recommendations of clean non-toxic products that people can buy, as many people do not want to make their own – which is fair enough, life is busy enough already – so I started looking around.
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MyChelle Concealer


My newest quest has been to find clean makeup. Over the last few years – since I started my plastic free quest – I have somewhat just written makeup off. I have searched high and low for plastic free packaging to no avail. I have found some along the way, however they were products that I did not like. So I gave up, I just stopped wearing makeup. I had one mascara that I wore sparingly and it was not very green clean – sadly. I finally had enough and decided that I was going to wear makeup again – even if it meant collecting some plastic. Thankfully, we have a great recycling program in Norway and it helps ease my nerves.
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Frontier Natural Spices in Bulk


In an effort to cut down on plastic, we have begun buying our spices in bulk. Frontier Natural has 16 oz / 453 g bulk bags of spices – we have been buying the organic spices and they are such amazing quality. One thing to remember though is that 16 oz / 453 g of garlic powder is just a few cups – while 16 oz / 453 g of basil or leafy items is more than a liter. You will of course then need something to store these in, as they come in a foil pack. It is best to store in airtight glass containers and keep them in a cool dark place.
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