Castile Soap

Goal #21 completed: Wash body with pure castile liquid soap

There have always been a few things that bothered me when it came to cosmetics and cleaning products. One of these was that I felt my skin never was clean with my bar of Irish Spring soap or my Dove body wash. Growing up I was always trying out different things, partly because as a teen I needed a soap that would clean my skin well so I would not be smelly hours later. For the longest time I just used a bar soap, and it just made my skin fell icky but I thought this was just the way it was going to have to be. However I was wrong.

At some point in late 2006 or early 2007, someone introduced me to pure castile soap – particularly the crazed Dr. Bronners brand. Now if you have ever picked up a bottle of this soap and seen the writtings, you will know what I mean by crazed. Dr. Bronner was abit of an odd ball hippie environmental world peace take me to your leader kinda guy – BUT he makes one hell of a product. The first bottle I had was the 32 oz. Eucalyptus Liquid Soap, it is highly concentrated… so seriously just a few drops gets the body clean. That 32 oz. bottle lasted over a year – now that is a bargin! Never before had I felt that my skin was this clean. On Dr. Bronner’s site they explain it as ” A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without being aggressive and produces a velvety-lather that leaves the skin silky-smooth and refreshed.”

The “Eucalyptus opens your pores and clears your sinuses while enveloping the body in its warm invigorating vapors. All oils and essential oils are certified organic to the National Organic Standards Program.” The Eucalyptus soap is my favorite to have in the winter – it really is a great help opening up the nose and feels very refreshing. It can do this because the soap is made of Eucalyptus Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil and Jojoba Oil citric acid (natural and protects freshness) and Tocopherol (which is vitamin e and a fat-soluble antioxidants) – these are all natural!! I find that since the soap cleans my skin but is not to abrasive and allows some of my skins oils to stay.. I am not having dry itchy skin and don’t feel icky 5 minutes after I get out of the shower. All the different ‘flavors/scents’ are the same type of ingredient line up! I personally love the tea tree oil!!

Dr. Bronner’s also boast that his soap is 18-in-1, that besides washing your body it can be used as shampoo, toothpaste (if you do this use bar not liquid), laundry detergent, dish soap ect ect. In the past year or so they have taken the ‘uses’ off the label, they were not able to do this when Dr. Bronner was still alive. The soap, if bought in bottle, is packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles (even though I would like to avoid plastic, this is a better route – and I only buy one a year). All the soaps are Fair Trade and Organic. I have been so overly impressed that I have not uses anything else to wash my body since back in 2007. Have you ever used Pure Castile Soap?

What do you think?