Method Cleaning Products: Are they really non-toxic?


I am no longer recommending these products based on the plastic packaging and some new concerns with ingredients.

I remember seeing Method products when I was living in the States, I always thought that they were just fancy products and never realized that they were “cleaner” products. I am often asked for recommendations of clean non-toxic products that people can buy, as many people do not want to make their own – which is fair enough, life is busy enough already – so I started looking around.
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Frontier Natural Spices in Bulk


In an effort to cut down on plastic, we have begun buying our spices in bulk. Frontier Natural has 16 oz / 453 g bulk bags of spices – we have been buying the organic spices and they are such amazing quality. One thing to remember though is that 16 oz / 453 g of garlic powder is just a few cups – while 16 oz / 453 g of basil or leafy items is more than a liter. You will of course then need something to store these in, as they come in a foil pack. It is best to store in airtight glass containers and keep them in a cool dark place.
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Lékué Silicon Tops

One of the hardest parts of being plastic free is not having plastic wrap in the kitchen. Needing to store something in a large bowl that does not have a lid – sure you can try foil, but it just does not work. So this summer when we were in Spain – where Lékué products are everywhere – I found these silicon stretch tops! You can buy these on the Lékué site or amazon for example.

  • The stretch tops are designed to create a vacuum seal that allows you to preserve food inside or outside the refrigerator
  • Hermetically seals for prolonged preservation
  • Stretch, cover, press center to seal
  • Even works on fruit or vegetable halves
  • Elastic so adjust to container size

My [plastic free] Toilet Paper

So I have been on the hunt to find toilet paper not wrapped in plastic. In the States I could at least always find single rolls wrapped in paper, but that has not been the case so far here in Norway. (If they are here they must be hiding very well!) I am not exactly on the ‘No Plastic Challenge‘, but I am working as hard as I can to eliminate our plastic use. We are first refusing plastic if we can. So that means no new shopping bags, no produce bags and no plastic packaging.

So the toilet paper was really starting to bother me, I can buy 6 rolls at a time (sometimes I find a 12 pack – yep, no Costo here). So knowing that the toilet paper packaging is not marked and is a soft plastic bothered me very much since I knew it was rather hopeless to be recycled. So the solution: Toilet Paper from Edet, it is packaged in bioplastic!

Edet had toilet paper called ‘Soft Eco’. Here is why I think it is a winner: it is made ​​of 100% recycled fiber and packed in bio-degradable plastic (aka bio plastic), its packaging and paper sleeve can be composted. The tube/sleeve is smaller the normal to make it fit more paper on each roll. Which means more can be transported in one truck, cutting production, packaging, and transportation cost and emissions. For every tree that is used (for the tubes i guess, or mabe boxes?) they plant 3 in its place. They transport only if they have to by air – minimal air transportation. It is produced in Scandinavia. And they have cut there CO2 emmisions by 80% and create there own energy from there waste.