The May Challenge

Over the past few months Ole and myself have been trying our hardest to eliminate plastic and waste producing food. This means taking our own bags to the store, fruit and veggie bags too. Avoid food packaged in plastic. Avoiding over packaged food. And so on. I think that we have been doing very well, but before I am going to allow us to get to comfy – we have to take a challenge.

This challenge will go the whole of May, feel free to join me it you want! This challenge will have 2 parts.

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Why I don’t use toothpaste

DISCLAIMER!! Please read this and make an informed decision – ie. read up on tooth soap and tooth ‘healing’ around the internet. I am not a medical professional, just someone very interested in being healthy, natural and safe. I have had great success with this, but I still think you should make an INFORMED decision.

I bet that got your attention. It is definitely not a good opening line when meeting new people, so I use caution – but will share with you today anyways.

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