Here are some of the goals that I have in my aim to be substantial, eat local, and reduce my waste. Some are already in act, others are a work in process. ✓ = done!

  1. Buy local produce
    • ✓ Started March 2011, we are still not at 100% though – it is a work in progress
  2. Start to compost
    • ✓ Started April 2011. We use the city compost program
  3. Grow my own basic herbs
  4. Eventually grow 80% of my herbal needs
  5. Start growing vegetables & fruits of the ‘dirty dozen’
  6. Shop for groceries and produce in reusable bags
  7. Buy groceries packaged with the environment in mind ✓
  8. Shop at the local meat market. Bring home meat only in paper – no plastic
  9. Stop using caned food, cans are lined with BPA plastic
    • ✓ Started April 2011. We still use lidded jars, as there is no alternative now.
  10. Buy our fish at the local fish market in the Stavanger Harbor. In paper.
  11. Install Solar (this sadly will be a bit away – need to save the money to buy the system)
  12. Stop using one use disposable water bottles ✓
    • ✓ Started late 2010. Still want to eliminate 1.5 liters, even though the manufactures take them back.
  13. Recycle our glass
    • ✓ Started February 2011.
  14. Recycle our metal
    • ✓ Started February 2011. Though I want to stop buying tins, they are lined with BPA.
  15. Recycle our plastics
    • ✓ Started February 2011.
  16. Recycle our paper
    • ✓ Since moved to Norway in 2008
  17. Make my own deodorant to avoid chemicals and unwanted plastic
    • ✓ Since November 2010
  18. Make my own lotion
    • ✓ Done, but not making. I just switched to 100% natural coconut oil!
  19. Make my own shampoo and conditioner
  20. Brush teeth with pure castile bar soap
  21. Wash body with pure castile liquid soap
  22. Grow my own luffa’s
    • ✓ Ditched the luffa’s in favor of hands and allowing natural oils to stay on the skin.
  23. Switch to eco alternative menstral cup
  24. Find and use an eco plastic free tooth brush
    • ✓ Since 2012. 100% Bamboo and compostable toothbrush.
  25. Make my own hairspray
    • Who am I kidding, I have not used hairspray in years. If I start again then Ill do this
  26. Make my own ‘vicks’ chest rub
    • ✓ Bonus of eating healthy, being Paleo and getting enough sleep and nourishment – not getting sick = no need for Vickys. Though I have made my own once!
  27. Make my own lip balms
  28. Make my own household cleaning supplies
    • ✓ Since mid 2010, but had many years before
  29. Save my boiled pasta or veggie water for the plants
    • ✓ Started January 2011.
  30. Make my own yogurt
    • ✓ Since April 2011. Info coming
  31. Find eco and responsibly packaged makeup
  32. Stop using saran wrap
  33. Find new safe laundry detergent like Ecoballs® 150 or Soapnuts
  34. Replace my teflon pans with a safer alternative like xtrema
    • ✓ Since January 2012
  35. Make my own reusable ‘swiffer’ pads and dusters
    • ✓ Since early 2012 (I bought some)
  36. Make my own bean sprouts
  37. Make my own alfalfa sprouts
  38. Find vinegar – White and ACV – in glass packaging or make my own.
    • ✓ ACV in glass since March 2011 See how here
    • ✓ White Vinegar in glass since April 2011
  39. Make my own Pasta (waiting to buy the machine)
    • ✓ HAHA, not more grains for me! Read this and this!
  40. Make my own Ice Cream (also need to buy the machine)
    • ✓ Since Christmas 2011 (finally got that ice cream machine!)!

Things I would like to avoid, but am not sure how:

  1. Prescription bottles – the pharmacy does not want to refill them.
    • ✓ Simple. Early 2012. Healed my body, no need for prescriptions. Have IUD for BC and dont need thyroid meds anymore. Problem solved!!