My [mini] Herb Garden

Goal #3 Started: Grown my own basic Herbs

I have been itching to start my own herb garden, I have since I have moved to Norway. In September last year (2010) – I got a Numex Twilight, a chili plant. The chillies start purple, go to yellow, orange then red when ready to eat! This is where the name of the blog came from, I was wanting to make a blog to track what was going on with my life – I have a design blog, but felt it needed to be on it’s own – my design readers are there for just that – I did not want them to think I was getting preachy. So I was looking out my window and there was my chili plant and it was next to a mint plant cutting that my friend had just given me. I thought what a prefect name -Mint&Chilli- like sweet and sour, black and white; they were in essence opposites.

So recently I got a few envelopes of organic seeds from my Daddy, he knew I have been wanting to grow some herbs – So he sent me some! (I have not been having good luck finding seeds in Norway, I think it is just I am still unsure where to look. The stores I have been to don’t have good selections or organic. I was planning to just order some online, and will do that in the future for more).

click photo to see it larger

Above are my six herb plants, in order: Coriander, Mint, Sweet Italian Basil, True Greek Oregano, French Rosemary and Winter Thyme. The Mint is a few months old, it has really slowed down growing this winter – I have moved it to be above a heater and now it is doing better.The Coriander is store bought, I am not sure how long it will last – friends who have bought this grocery store type say they only last a month or so. The others are only a week old, so Ill post back in due time with results. My Numex is dormant now, I read that I needed to trim it down to stubs – it looks sad, I hope it picks back up this season. I am watering the plants with my leftover cooking water, in order to save water and give the plants more nutrients. I have read that when boiling vegetables or pasta, that there are many nutrients in that water and it is very helpful to plants.

I still want to grow sage, lavender, dill, chipotles, chives, black pepper, and tarragon – to name a few. For now though, I am running low on space. So I will stay with the basics. If you are wanting to learn more about herb use, check out this article I wrote previously.

Any and all gardening advice is welcome, I am still learning and would love to benefit from others knowledge.

What do you think?