November Update

I have not posted anything in 3 months, so I figure it is time for an update. I have taken a no stress approch with this blog, my other 2 blogs (Expats and Design) keep me rather busy in the blog world. So I decided, on this one – when I post I post and I am not going to stress or worry about it. This post is going to be lots of random 🙂

In September Ole and I became home owners. We are really thrilled with our new place. We live 500 feet from the harbor now, which is great because we can walk into town to meet friends for drinks and it only take 5 minutes to get there. The harbor in Stavanger is in the middle of down town, you can see out house where the pink star (lower right) is in the photo above. This is making us walk more, which is good for us.

Over the summer and through the move we have stopped tracking our plastic. Between traveling and packing and settling it has just been busy. I think we will pick up in the new year, and Ill randomly post the results. Of course back in May we had only 579 grams of plastic, so the goal is to have less.

I have started brewing kombucha. Someday Ill write a more detailed post about it. I currently have 4 litters chilling in the basement. I also finally splurged and got my Kenwood KM020! It is great, I am so excited about all the things I can make with it. It is great to have a proper egg beater/whipper now, since I use alot of whipped egg whites in my cooking. I am going to buy the ice cream attachment and the food processor attachment. I want to control what is in our ice cream and not have the plastic box it comes in. I really hate seeing all the weird stuff that is added to ice cream these days. Check out this video, I can not find the clip anywhere else – you will be so shocked at what is in your ice cream. I have been scouting lots of recipes to try when I get the ice cream attachment for my Kenwood! I have had to come to a middle ground on buying stuff that comes wrapped in plastic. I started to feel really guilty. But over time I realize that buying this machine was going to make my life much easier and yummier and save load of plastic from being used by us.

The hygiene update – We are still brushing our teeth with pure soap, with the occasional baking soda scrub. I am still not washing my hair, just water and a good scrub. However occasionally there is abit of a build up so then I take a bar of pure castile soap and scrub my scalp with it. I am have really been learning about how we need to allow the oils our skin produces to stay on our skin. They are there for a reason, and just like your hair if you over wash and strip the oils off your skin will overproduce. Why do you think so many women who wear lots of makeup and wash their face daily have a oily skin issue?

The health update – During the summer I took myself off my thyroid meds (synthyroid) and cut out gluten+grains and mostly all sugar. I went in this month to get blood work done to see how my thyroid was doing. I was abit worried that my doctor was going to be furious with me and my number were going to be bad. Well, my doctor was shocked at how great my numbers were. He really could not get over it! He wants to bring me back in for another test in 3 months to make sure it is not a fluke – I know it is not – and go from there. So on my next round of test I am going to let the doc know why my number are so good. *I still hope he is not upset. I have tons of energy and feel great. I have lost 7.5 inches from my hips without really working out at all. I can just imagine that if I were working out the results would be so much more! If you are not aware of the dangers (even if you are not allergic) of gluten, read this article and this one too if you are really interested!

The food update – We are still buying all our meat from Idsøe, the local butcher. They know to wrap our meat in paper now without us even asking. I love it! The farmers market is starting to thin out, I am bummer about it. I really dislike that they shrink-wrap the paprikas (bell peppers) here when you buy from the normal store. I have learned on trick that is worth sharing. When you buy chives or green onions, keep the roots. Plant them or put them in a cup of water and give them plenty of light. They will continually grow, all you have to do is cut them down to the stem and enjoy not having to buy them ever again (ok well I am sure at some point!). If I am not going to be using the green onions, I still cut them off when they are ‘full grown’ so they dont wilt and I freeze them for later.

Vaccinations are getting lots of heat, and they should be. In one of the States they have made a vaccine a child’s choice or not to get it, they administer them at school.. people are getting sick and getting brain damage from the vaccines. Read about it here. I have never been a fan of vaccines, I think that there are a few worth getting. But the way it is back home in the States, I feel like there are 100’s of vaccines now. Well there is a new movie out I want to see called The Greater Good. Check out the trailer for it below. And if you are interested in more about vaccines and their dangers check out the great info on Kelly’s blog here.

Crazy isn’t it! Let me know what you think.

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  1. Jennifer Peterson November 25, 2011 / 15:56

    I saw The Greater Good, and it was so good! Earlier this month they were offer a free viewing, I think I heard now it cost $10- so worth it! Neither of my kids are vaccinated, I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old. Both are very happy and healthy.

    I have been brushing my teeth with just soap for almost 4 months, and using baking soda/peroxide every now and then. So far so good. My 4 year old also uses soap, took her a while before she warmed up to using soap.

    Both my kids hair is just washed with water. The nine month old even got butter in his hair, and all I did was wash with water. I tried the baking soda/ACV in my hair and it made my straight fine hair even limper. So I am looking for something else, not sure what washing with just water would do- I need volume!

    Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. mairy po'ins June 6, 2012 / 17:21

    I’ve been reading your blog with growing appreciation, but there are some areas where you’re approaching a slightly pseudoscientific position. The Greater Good and your implicit support of it is one such example. I could go through the whole film and the whole agenda behind it point by point, but I’ll just point out that while “greater good” is a rightly dystopic and frightening idea, here it really does make sense. There is no demonstrated correlation or indeed causation between vaccines and vasculitis, kidney stones, autism or “chronic inflammation”.

    There are risks associated with vaccines, almost solely in mistakes in their application and unforeseeable immunological problems, but these are eliminated with proper procedure. Most importantly of all, vaccines are incredibly important as they help halt disease spreading through human populations and strengthen immune systems, meaning everyone and their children get less ill less often if they all co-operate and get vaccinated.

    Looking forward to that kombucha post!

  3. Echo August 9, 2012 / 18:45

    Hello hello, I just stumbled across your blog about 20 minutes ago, and I love what you’ve posted.

    Been on a kick myself for trying to reduce and eliminate extra waste, chemicals in the body, and so on. Lately with my no shampoo regime, I notice that using baking soda on the scalp every once in awhile can help get rid of oil buildup. Follow it up with an apple cider rinse to condition. Works realllly well, and definitely is a life saver on those days you can’t stand the oil build up anymore. Maybe you could give this one a try next time too. It’s usually 1oz of baking soda for every 10oz of water. Same for the vineger, but I mix a higher concentration for softer hair. I used to use a lot of conditioner– my hair is crazy curly and very unruly most often.

    Keep updating, I love it!

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