Recommended Documentary: Taste the Waste

Taste the Waste
Will start broadcasting in October 2010. Between plough and plate we waste almost as much food as we eat. Lettuce is thrown away every second, for example. Reducing waste would help combat climate change and hunger. This situation has to change, and change quickly.

Taste the Waste is a television documentary linked to an international campaign via the internet that will allow us to monitor events across the globe.

Welcome to Mint&Chilli

Mint&Chilli is where I, Fonda, am going to share about (1) relearning food. I grew up in America, where we are extremely disconnected from where our food comes from. I had a good foundation in my childhood of what was good wholesome food, then as a teen I ignored it. During the whole of my teens I was on crash diets and I am now paying the price for that. When I was 20 I moved to Norway, since then I have been introduced to more food varieties and a healthier lifestyle and outlook on food.

For me it is time to go back to my foundation of eating whole food from the earth – not processed foods from a box. Mint&Chilli is where I am going to (1) relearn all that I can about food – safely grown, sustainably packaged and cooked well, (2) educate myself on how to live sustainable – ie limited waste, consumption and consumerism and (3) hopefully along the way extend my longevity and help the environment.

Here is just a little more about me, so when I reference things they make more sense. When I was younger we lived in Arkansas- myself, daddy and Mema. Mema is my dad’s mom – I attribute most of my health food ‘hippie’ ways to her. Mema was always concerned about the chemicals in products, us eating a wholesome and well balanced meal and me being able to just be a happy kid. Mema made her own cleaning products or bought ones that were all natural – most of the chemicals in say cleaners for example irritated her asthma. So baking soda and vinegar to clean, vinegar as fabric softener, baking soda or all natural toothpaste (I was not allowed to use fluoride till I was a teen), crystal deodorants, no sugary breakfast cereals etcetera etcetera etcetera. I loved it, I never thought that we were weird or strange. When with Mema, we ate very healthy, we still had dessert – but it was wholesome. Mema passed away in 2007 and we miss her so much – My dad and myself often find ourselves saying no lets do this that way when it is with food or cleaning, it is how Mema would have done it.

We moved to Oklahoma when I was ten, soon after my dad remarried and my little sister was born. My dad, step mom and sister now live just outside Fort Collins (such a great and eco friendly city), they live in the Rocky mountains. My dad is working to become sustainable; solar panels, limited trash production, gardening, having some chickens (more animals to come), and building a log cabin to live in from local trees.

I moved to Stavanger Norway in the summer of 2008, to be with Ole. I was super excited to ‘come back to my roots’, you see Mema’s dad was 100% Norwegian. I had many culture shocks to come; we cooked every day, we shopped everyday but Sunday (stores are closed), and I walked or bussed everywhere during the day (we drove in the evenings if long distance). I suddenly could not rely on a chain restaurant for my dinner. I had to learn to cook more then the little I knew how, I knew the basics – but that gets boring after awhile. I had to learn to cut fresh vegetables – I had terrible knife skills. Not only have I greatly expanded my cooking skills, but I am eating so much healthier food then I was in the states. We eat fresh foods, not loaded with fat or preservatives. Overall, I am much healthier and happier! I am working toward my Goals, you can see them here.

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