Cleaning & Hygiene Product Review

I think that there are way way to many products on the market that we just simply don’t need. Maybe it is my minimalistic side, or my hatred of plastic – but I just dont feel like we need all these products. It is not that I don’t like to shop – i do, and I have plenty of clothing and home decor.. the products I don’t like being sold are the toiletry, cleaning and kitchen cheats products. I prefer a more minimalistic side – I get grumpy when my bathroom cabinet gets to full.
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What I learned in 2012

Happy 2013 readers! I hope that you all had a great 2012 where you learned how to care better for your body and the environment. I have been very busy this year in my free time learning about all these little things that interest me. Me and Google are best friends 😀

I was wanting to do a “Top 10 Things I Learned in 2012” post, but I think it just needs to be a top few. I have been abit slower with the blogging now, as I am busy working full time now – unlike when I started with this journey 🙂 I hope that you all had a wonderful and insightful 2012, now lets make 2013 a year we learn even more about making ourselves and the world healthier! Below are the top things – the things that stand out the most in my head – that I have learned this year, plus some tips and a few goals for the year.
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Recommended Documentary: Genetic Roulette

Today I watched Genetic Roulette.. these are my thoughts on the documentary:

I hear a lot that I am “over the top” and such. I hear things like these 3 statements and I have even heard them all from the same person(s) before:

“No one used to be so concerned over food, just eat what is at the store, stop worrying. The government is watching out and testing things”

“Back 30 years ago there were no food allergies, I think people are just oversensitive or something”

“People never used to be sick this much, but I just think it must be that we did not have names for all these things people have now or the science didn’t pick up on them. People died, they did not die from XYZ”

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