Be linen

Back in November, through my design blog Benoit Millot contacted me about a video he made. The video was so beautiful, I shared it immediately on my design blog. I though about it today, and it is so appropriate to share here as well!

Be Linen – it is about how linen is made, from flax. How it is 100% organic, green and not chemically treated. I have always loved linen, Mema had napkins and table clothes from it. I think it is just such a nice feel, especially with all the synthetic/fake fabrics roaming around these days. Linen feels real and sturdy, yet soft. In the video below, they refer to the fiber as nobel. It shows how much these people really love it – I think that is great!

Goal 8: The Meat Counter

Update: We no longer eat animal products. But if you do, please consider skipping out on the plastic.

Goal #8 Started: Shop at the local meat market.

I have finally been able to get meat wrapped in paper!

A. Idsøe, the lovely butcher in downtown Stavanger was more then willing to accommodate my needs. The lovely older butcher noted that he would wrap them the ‘old school way’ for me, since I did not want any plastic with them. He was very nice. We eat meat around 5 times a week, and fish twice. My plan is to go in twice a week to buy what I need for that half of the week. I am also going to ask that they double the paper, I think that he would have had he understood what I was wanting – I have read and see photos about how they do with paper when you ask. It is not the end of the world if they will not though – it was just that the paper was blood soaked by the next day, and if I am keeping it a few days – an extra layer would be better. I do wish that I could stop in everyday for meat, but it is just not practical. Also, I found it really nice to be able to ask for advice. I knew some of what I needed, but was open for suggestions for a meat for a wok I was making. Below are photos of the swine fillet he suggested.

** the butcher did use a tiny piece of plastic tape to secure the package, I will ask him not to do this in the future.

Is the recycling claim greenwashing?

Recyclable Is Not Recycled: Why Recyclable is the Greenwashing-est Word Around
Because it doesn’t mean anything.

By Rachel Cernansky

Recycling is great, and the people who make it happen—from recycling companies to the end users of recycled materials—should get points for being green. But a brand that claims it is helping the environment by manufacturing recyclable products is not doing much more than greenwashing.

Take plastic: most of it is recyclable. That doesn’t make it an eco-friendly material, or mean we should be consuming more of it—it’s still an oil-based product, and still consumes energy during production. (Not to mention the resources that go into transporting it, and then for soda or water bottles, refrigeration at the store often consumes more energy than the transportation and bottling processes together.)

None of that energy is replenished by recycling the bottle, a process that itself consumes energy. Recycling is better than landfilling it, of course, but the company has no control over where its products end up. For the company, environmental stewardship ends with printing “recyclable” on the label. [Continue Reading]

Chemicals in the bathroom, a small rant

Let me just start by saying that my bathroom is a far cry from what I want it to be – I am not talking about its design.. but the amount of chemicals still in it.

Some things I have switched over – my shampoo and conditioner, castile soap, non-glycerin soap instead of toothpaste, homemade deodorant, and some homemade hair products – but there are still many things I want out! Now this is my dilemma, I have trouble wasting things – if it is not gone, and I have not gotten my moneys worth I am not going to throw it out. I have a large amount of cleaning products given to me my two expat friends who have returned home. From toilet wash to laundry soaps to – well everything! Part of me wants to just trash them and recycle the bottles. But I can’t. However much I don’t want to keep using them, I have to finish them off – also this will allow me (and my pocket book) to slowly make the change.

Some things that I am working on changing.. I have found out that GreenPeople’s Makeup is all in bioplastic (except the lipsticks) and made of organic ingredients – I plan to move over to there makeup, starting with the mascara when mine runs out. Then I am still on the hunt for a non plastic bottle for my ‘shampoo and conditioner’ and would like to have one for my liquid Dr. Bronners as well – Glass has been my go to, but is not safe for the shower. So let me know if you see a metal shampoo or spray bottle. I am on the hunt for a old school Atomizer/perfume bottle with the squeeze poof. Also, once my lotions run out (and the Health Food Store stop giving me free organic fragrance free ones) I will start to make my own.

Then there are some things that are going to take ages to get changed out, like Ole’s products – he is dealing with all my craziness and me pushing crazy things on him all the time. As of now there is no luck with his shampoo, soap, and deodorant. This is going to have to be his choice, I do wish I could make him though.. 🙂 We also have 2 toiletry bags full of things that we have not used in ages – either we have to much or don’t like that version. I want to do a big clean out, but again I feel bad throwing away. I think everyone has that, well hopefully not everyone – especially the non plastic people are going to have stopped with it – but I know this was a problem of friends and me all growing up. What does that say about our culture – buy buy buy, till your cabinets runneth over. Ek! I did say this was a rant.. so I think that it is silly to have 10 different lotions. I have, and now I am not proud of that. I remember when I was 13 or so, we did a big clean out from our upstairs bathroom (which was mostly mine) and we emptied out 2 large paper bags of stuff. Why were we/why are we collecting so much.

I have just found a brand of toilet paper that is wrapped in bioplastic.. I never have understood why paper cannot be wrapped in paper. I have had no luck with finding individually wrapped rolls here. So there is a brand called Edet Eco Soft, they are Swedish. More on them soon too! I am also on the hunt for a good wooden toothbrush with natural bristles. I have seen a few online, but there reviews have not beed so good – from always taste bad to to big to fit in mouth. Sorry that this has been random.. just wanted to share what I am working on.

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