Real Food Series by Artistta

Historically people ate what the land provided them. They made recipes that had been past down generation after generation, because to an extent mother really did know best. As we headed into the 19th and 20th centuries, our understanding of food began to change. We began to be bombarded with new ideas about food and had to ask ourselves, what should we eat, how should we eat it and why should we eat it? Gradually we became more concerned about the nutritional content of food instead of the food itself. As long as we took in the right amounts of nutrients then what form they appeared in didn’t particularly matter. With our great knowledge in one area, we’ve become ignorant in other areas. We lost our ability to cook. The generational recipes, food preparation and food preservation our great, great, great grandmothers and before had used, have been lost to us. Now, it can be a triumph to make a basic batch of cookies, because we’ve become so reliant on the food industry to provide us with the food we need. We have trusted the industry with our lives, allowing them to tell us what is healthy, tells us what our bodies need to thrive, but something isn’t adding up. Why, with our greater knowledge and understanding of food, in particularly food nutrition, are we not actually healthier? In fact, we are in many cases sicker. Perhaps we aren’t dying, which people seem to think that lack of deaths must equate to healthier people, but we are sick. We’re obese to an extreme that is has never been seen before, we struggle to survive with cancers of every form, our children are plagued with learning disabilities and hyperactivity issues. Heart disease is running rampant. So, we’re not dying, okay, but is this really how we want to be living?

This is a great series, check it out here: Intro, Part 1, Part 2

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