Recommended Documentary: Recipes for Disaster

In Finish it is called “Katastrofin aineksia

Concerned about the world’s addiction to oil, and its disastrous environmental consequences for the planet such as global warming, the filmmaker convinces his family to go on an “oil diet” for one year to reduce their carbon footprint. Aiming to reduce their contribution to greenhouse gases, Webster-if not his wife and two young sons, who are very reluctant participants-is eager to learn from their experiment and becomes a man on a mission.

Revealing the personal difficulties involved in making such a radical change in lifestyle, and the surprising extent to which petroleum-based products figure in our everyday lives, including home heating and electricity, transportation, food, plastic products and packaging, clothing, even toothpaste, lipstick and shampoo.

The movie is mostly in English, however the wife is more reluctant to speak in English so she is in her native tongue Finnish. I am on the hunt for a version with English subtitles and will post back when one is found. This video is extremely hard to find anywhere online, let me know if you come across one with English-subs. I found a version with Swedish (close to Norwegian) subtitles, and could follow along enough in the non-English parts.

What do you think?